Lighthouse Ministries Mission




Short Term:


q     Establish at least one fully staffed emergency shelter


q     Partner with individuals, businesses and churches to raise funds, acquire properties and gather resources, human and otherwise (material and labor)


q     Begin to establish relationships with the homeless by mobilizing needed resources to where they are living.


Long Term:


q     Mobilize, train and equip local and committed believers to minister to the poor and the homeless


q      "To introduce needy people to Jesus Christ and give them hope in finding long-term solutions to their problems" adopted from City Team Pledges


q     Establish at least one Emergency shelter and one Transitional shelter, possibly in the same building or on the same property, fully staffed with established rules and structure, including program and assistance in establishing permanent housing for each individual


q     Establish a county-wide network of churches and individuals for the purpose of pooling resources for the special needs of the poor (e.g., for food, clothing, construction, mechanical repair, transportation, financial budgeting, job sourcing, etc.


q     Establish good rapport and helpful relationships with community officials and businesses